Is it OK to delete the 'active' and 'staging' entries automatically created in settings.php? I don't plan on using them, but it's not clear to me whether some process might expect them to exist.


The default.settings.php file contains the following comment:

The staging directory is used for configuration imports; the active directory is not used by default, since the default storage for active configuration is the database rather than the file system (this can be changed; see "Active configuration settings" below).

In short:

  • The staging directory is used only when importing configuration from the UI
  • The active directory is not used by default from Drupal 8, which saves the configuration data in the database, like Drupal 7 did with the persistent variables

In both the cases, I would expect Drupal to correctly handle the case the global $config_directories is not set.

  • Hard to miss those paragraphs in settings.php, but it's worth noting that they reference "CONFIG_ACTIVE_DIRECTORY" and not "active"; so something's out of date. Importing and exporting is arbitrary to any named directory in that array via drush 7 or 8 (haven't tried the GUI). But in spite of the apparent indifference, (for example) CONFIG_ACTIVE_DIRECTORY appears 26 times in 15 separate files. I don't really have the chops to wade thru all the code and figure out whether they are critical. – ericx Aug 29 '15 at 20:45
  • 1
    See also drupal.org/node/2487592 which is an attempt at not shipping with the active directory. – anavarre Sep 1 '15 at 11:19

Sadly, D8 will fail with the following exception, if you delete the active element from the array.

Exception: The configuration directory type active does not exist. in config_get_config_directory() (line 177 of core/includes/bootstrap.inc).

However, it doesn't seem to mind if you remove the staging entry. It's worth noting that drush 7 documentation says that the staging entry will be used by default when executing commands like config-export (drush 8, currently presents a nice menu listing all the config_directories instead of defaulting; but it's still in beta so the behavior may change).

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