I want to translate '!title field is required.'. I can see it in 'admin/config/regional/translate/translate' but if I put a translation, it will override the name/label of each field.

So it is taking '!title field is required.' as one string. But I just want to translate 'field is required' and field names separately.

For example a Name and Email required in a form should display same translation but replacing !title with the name of the field.

How to do that.

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To change the field name, you have to translate !name field is required. . To do this, follow these following steps :

  1. Go to admin/config/regional/translate/translate.
  2. Search for the string !name field is required in the String contains textfield.
  3. In search result, change the string for all the languages.
  4. And then save it.

I hope it works.

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