I have a problem need help. I created one field collection (unlimited value) for content type. Then I create 1 views to ren value fields in tables. I created relationship field collection for the that views and have a problem that the fields of the node duplicate value by the number of the field collection values. How can I remove duplicate of the field value in that content type. enter image description here


on right hand others >> query settings of you view there is one distinct checkbox enable it. Which will distinct your result


You can apply group by or distinct by enabling views aggregation settings to remove duplicate records.

1- in advanced » other section by enabling use aggregation: yes 2- in fields or filter criteria section, select and apply aggregation settings for which fields you want to group by or distinct.

  • It not working for field collection relationship – Lê Quang Tú Sep 3 '15 at 1:54

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