I have a view that takes fields and combines them or compares them and then gives me results in a new field (views conditional, global text etc..) but I need the TYPE of data that is returned. How can I figure this out? I do not have Drush on my current setup or we'd be good to go... I looked in the DOM and see nothing special about the field for example...

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Use Php views and in it use gettype, I think you can acheive it by Php views ( also you can achieve it with hook_views_pre_render) and return data tye with gettype.

gettype — Get the type of a variable Description

string gettype (mixed $var )

Returns the type of the PHP variable var.

  • I am not getting any results with this. I tried it in the content: custom php field. Should I be doing it elsewhere? Sep 16, 2015 at 15:24

You can install devel and use <?php dsm($fields) ?> inside views-view-fields.tpl.php which you need to place inside the templates folder of your theme.

This will give the results similar to var_dump but in a much readable and organized format.

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