I am working on a website with four languages.

We use Ubercart with external payment facilities. We have Paypal and the following specific to Netherlands: eBanking, iDEAL, MisterCash. That works fine.

Now we are trying to get pay.nl to work. This one offers more methods of payments.

The request uses /nl/ as expected with a path that looks like this:


But the i18n module seems to change that to /en/ instead:


And that prevents the payment from being accepted.

Any idea what could be happening? Would there be a way to prevent translations from happening when hitting /order?

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Your problem might be because of the "Language negotiation" configuration.

So check this configuration, which in D6 you can find via /admin/settings/language/configure/language. Experiment with the 4 available options in the Language negotiation selection list, to see if any of these options solve your issue.

  • Unfortunately, the current settings are working really well with the site. If that's the only solution, it won't work for us... Sep 3, 2015 at 22:37

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