How can a RSS feed be reformatted/rewritten/restyled to be more useful?

For example Youtube RSS feeds from the video uploads of a youtube user appear as a plain text list by default.

Are there drupal module(s) or a solution out there that parses this content to be able to transform it into something more useful? E.g. in the case of youtube, make it show the list as thumbnail stills of the videos uploaded.

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Yes Views will be the perfect module choice for you, there are many ways to tweak the output with Views & it has built in Feeds support. Google about drupal views rss feeds, you'll find a ton of info. When you install views there is an example rss feed view you can enable and take a look at to see how its done. As for the thumbnails if your using emfield you should have the option to display thumbnail when tweaking the field output from within the View.

Good luck!


These are 2 solutions that would provide the basis for taking an incoming RSS feed into a Drupal site and manipulating/processing/re-purposing it, USING Views:




Feeds Image Grabber is possibly closer to what I'm looking for regarding rewriting incoming RSS feeds.

As for previously mentioned http://drupal.org/project/views_rss This module is for outputting views from the site as an RSS feed - not what I want but useful should I wish parts of my site be available elsewhere via RSS.

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