This is regular Views selector exposed to user:

This is regular Views selector exposed to user

This is a part of block, attached to Panel on main page. I want to create links "show expiring" and "show latest" but I need to learn what function is fired while clicking Apply. Anyone knows where can I find it? Debugging it with Chrome is tricky, a lot of JS files…

Is there a way of previewing all javascript acitvity?

  • modules/views/js/ajax_view.js - maybe somewhere there… I keep investigating.
    – wtk
    Dec 12, 2011 at 15:16

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The image above shows an exposed form generated by Views in the file views_plugin_exposed_form.inc. Line 242 in the function exposed_form_alter reads $form['#attached']['js'][] = drupal_get_path('module', 'ctools') . '/js/auto-submit.js'; so the js looks to be in ctools however, I believe that script is being called whenever a change is made on the form. If you want to modify the form note that views is managing the form in this file. Selecting the 'Apply' button calls exposed_form_validate and exposed_form_submit which are tapping into the Drupal form API (php not JS). Go to api.drupal.org to find out more about the various hooks available to modify the forms

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