I am getting this error while cloning the site on aegir

Unknown option: --profile. See drush help provision-backup for available >options. To suppress this error, add the option --strict=0. [2.39 sec, 21.19 MB]

I am using aegir3 on ubuntu 14.04.4. Can anyone please help me solve this. I have searched on web but there is no solution regarding this issue. This issue also occurs while migrating.

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As I mentioned in IRC, the following work-around should resolve that particular issue:

  1. Login to the server via ssh.
  2. Become the 'aegir' user (sudo -u aegir -s -H)
  3. Create a file call /var/aegir/.drushrc.php with the following contents:

     $options['strict'] = 0;

That said, this appears to be a bug, though not one that has been reported previously. If anyone else stumbles across this issue, please file a bug report at https://www.drupal.org/node/add/project-issue/provision.


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