I can't get views tabs to work in D8, following the exact UI procedure that does work in D7.

To be more precise, in D8 at /mypage I see no tabs at all, and at /mypage/tab2 and /mypage/tab3 I do see tabs "tab2" and tab3" but no "MyDefaultTab".

In D7, I see all 3 tabs when viewing any of the 3 URLs.

The following procedure works to create a Views page with tabs in D7 on simplytest.me, but does not work for D8 beta 15:

  • Manage > Structure > Views > Add new view
  • View name = "Myview"; Show "Content" of type "all"; save and edit.
  • Add page display; name="MyPage"; path = "mypage"; menu = "Normal menu entry" with menutitle ="MyPage" and parent="" (its default value) and weight=0;
  • Add page display; name="MyDefaultTab"; path="mypage/defaulttab"; menu = "Default menu tab" with menutitle ="DefaultTab" and parent menu item ="Already exists";
  • Add page display; name="tab2"; path="mypage/tab2"; menu="Menu tab" with menutitle="Tab2" and parent ="" (its default value) and weight=0.
  • Add page display; name="tab3"; path="mypage/tab3"; menu="Menu tab" with menutitle="Tab3" and parent ="" (its default value) and weight=0.

Is this a D8 bug, or am I missing something?

Things I have tried (all made no difference, good or bad):

  • Selecting "MyPage" (the non default but sensible seeming value) in the "parent" drop down for tab2 and tab3 (there are more menu options available in D8 than D7).
  • Selecting "Normal menu item" instead of "Already exists" for the parent menu item of the default tab.
  • Configuration > Performance > Clear All Caches

Any suggestions?


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I have just created a views page with tabs. Following are the instructions. Add a views display of type page

  1. Set its path to "/test" Then its menu option: Select "Default menu tab" and on next screen select "Already exist" under the "parent menu item".

  2. Then adds another page display set its path to "test/tab1" and in its menu option: select "Menu tab" and save.

Visit the "/test" page and both tabs appear. Hope it may help you.

  • You're right Ahmad, that works. Thanks! It therefore seems that Drupal 8 uses a different approach to Drupal 7, where the "default menu tab" was used for a kind of dummy page display whose contents were mostly ignored but which did create the default tab. In D8 this dummy page display is not needed.
    – Jonathan
    Sep 10, 2015 at 17:40

If you want your tabs displayed /tabsparent/tab1, /tabsparent/tab2, etc.., without /tabsparent default tab, please visit https://www.drupal.org/node/2693069#comment-12025897 page.

Just import configuration files on the link with ready to use view and see the difference.

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