Recently I installed the talk module, didn't like it and uninstalled it. After removing it I have noticed that I have duplicate content listed under both the node ID and the node id followed by talk.

For instance: The page www.mysite.com/about-us is duplicated at the address www.mysite.com/node/4/talk as are all my pages.

In the talk.module file (which has been removed along with the entire talk module) I notice the line:

$items['node/%node/talk'] = array(

To me this looks like the line of code that created these talk pages, however being that I have removed the entire module, flushed caches etc. I do not understand how these pages still exist. Any help would really be appreciated as I have been working on this now for several days with no answer. Thanks in advance.


So /node/4 is your about page isn't it? you just added a url alias. Which means you can access the same page with /node/4 or with /about-us

To quote Clive from Non-existent URLs in Views 3 in drupal 7

That's the expected behaviour - Drupal automatically routes you to the 'parent' if it can't find the 'child' part of the URL

when I go to mywebsite.com/node/1/talk it displays the /node/1 content to me; even though, the url in the web browser says mywebsite.com/node/1/talk, and I haven't even installed the talk module at all.

Try going to mywebsite.com/node/4/ijustmadethisup and you'll see you get displayed /node/4

Therefore, this is just the default Drupal behaviour, nothing to do with the talk module.

  • Wouldn't this be bad for SEO as someone could just build a bunch of links to non-existent pages and a search engine would see it as duplicate content? Is there anyway to change this default drupal behavior to just throw a 404 for these pages? – user51769 Sep 9 '15 at 11:22
  • 1
    I don't know why anyone would ever create links of non-existent pages. The odds of that is extremely low, I wouldn't even worry about that. I've never bothered to explore on how to change that behaviour, I can't help you with that part. Perhaps you should create a new question regarding that, if you really want to per sue that path. – No Sssweat Sep 9 '15 at 23:35

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