I am using view.

Every view needs path and i want to set that path to my base url.

For example i want to make a view which will take a Car as a argument and show result at


Any help will be appreciated.

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I think what you are looking for is contextual filters.

You should add a contextual filter to your view and set the path to %. What kind of filter you should use depends on if Car a taxonomy term or a node and so on.

In the following example I have set my path to stores/% and a store is a node with a associated taxonomy term. I can display stores marked with a specific term by going to http://example.com/stores/england or http://example.com/stores/sweden.

  • You find the contextual filters under the advanced tab.

Contextual Filters

  • Here are the settings for the filter. Arguments from the url will be transformed into Term ID.

Contextual Filter Settings

* EDIT * Perhaps this link will help you Views contextual filters taxonomy name

  • Yah I already set this but in this case what will be the path of my view? It needs some path and if I give a path value to view then my path will be www.example.com/view-path/Car Dec 13, 2011 at 9:26
  • In that case your views path should be view-path/% Dec 13, 2011 at 9:30

To expand upon Krister Andersson's answer...

When creating a view, and defining its path keep in mind that the path you are defining is basically the name of the path. IF you have a % in the path then th view has multiple names. If you define its path as cars/%, for instance, the view is called for any combination of path components in the % segment. If you had a view with the path /% it would basically be called for all URLS. This does not work for Drupal so wildcards are not used in the first position.


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