I am new to Drupal, so please bare with me. I have a Drupal site that is working fine. Now what I want to do is allow access to folder which contains some custom php script.

I tried to put the folder in the /sites/default/files/ but it didn't work. I found a question on it Extending Drupal Functionality to Custom PHP Page but not able to add Drupal functionality on this page. I just want to access that folder and its content.

So please any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    – Mołot
    Sep 9, 2015 at 12:07
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    Please avoid using vague terms like "allow access" and "doesn't work". It's just unclear what you're asking.
    – Beebee
    Sep 9, 2015 at 12:27
  • Are you asking just for an include (path/to/script);?
    – Beebee
    Sep 9, 2015 at 12:29

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The default path or root directory of any Drupal site is the same directory/folder which contains the site itself. ie. Same directory which houses the "sites" directory. If I put a php file there called "my_code.php", any reference to the file will be seen by everything as default. Its when other directories are created and the file placed there which make a file's location more specfic. So if I'm in a php file in another directory and I put in a statement like:

include 'my_code.php';

Drupal will start by looking in its default root directory. If I create a directory there called "my_php_files" and put the "my_code.php" file inside, then my reference to include that file would be:

include 'my_php_files/my_code.php';

Default permissions are normally 755 for directories and 644 for files.


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