I want to create a simple websites listing. I have created a content type named Sites and a taxonomy vocab named Sites to handle Sites nodes categorization. i.e every Site node (a content of type Sites) belongs to one term under Sites taxonomy vocab.

In the Views module, I have created a new Page view which has the path /sites-cats-listing and it shows Taxonomy terms of type Sites. The format is Unformatted list and it is only has one field Taxonomy term: Name

It renders a simple list of Taxonomy vocab Sites terms as expected. However, I want to list all of sites titles that belongs to each taxonomy term, so, I will get two levels list something like the following example:


Also I need to be able to rewrite the site's title field to make it linked directly to the destination website.

So, I need to know is there any way to attach a block to field which the block takes its contextual filter from the field value? Or is there any other workaround to complete this task? I have tried EVA but I could not able to find what I want to get.

  • When editing your view, look for the word SORT, next to it, click on add a field. Search for taxonomy term and click add. I think that should take care of your "Two level" list.
    – No Sssweat
    Sep 9, 2015 at 23:40

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this can be done with a bit of code in a tpl file or in a preprocess function.

Views has a function views_embed_view that you could use to embed the block into your field output.

print views_embed_view('views_name', 'display_id', $fieldvalue);


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