I have multiple drupal instance behind f5 load balancer. If I use it as http, that is ok. But if I want to use http and https and ofload https on the LB. All css,js links in https site comes as http and cannot load because of the https security.

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    Install advagg, it has an option to convert css/js URLs to protocol-relative, which should fix the problem – Clive Sep 10 '15 at 10:05
  • Do you have any css/js aggregation module installed. If so delete the caches under sites directory. You can even try uninstalling the module to debug if that is causing the issue.
  • Clear Drupal caches
  • Ensure you do not have global $base_url hard coded to http.

We have used a configuration similar to this one. Have the F5 set a header X_FORWARDED_PROTO = https then configure Apache to set HTTPS=on if the header is set.

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