Hello I just bought a premium theme for Drupal. This theme works with the Less css preprocessor module, and I've installed and enabled this module:

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The problem is, the site still doesn't look designed, and I get Drupal errors printed to the screen indicating on problems with Less. Thus I went to the themes' suport forum, ran a search and understood I need to download something called "LESSPHP" (A PHP based LESS-CSS comipler I guess) and install it somewhere in my Drupal installment, but I just don't know where and if it even a right step. Moreover, my site also indicated I miss this "LESSPHP" preprocessor at admin/config/development/less:

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Where should I install this "LESSPHP" compiler and what else do you think I missed given the errors I see above?

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In the Less Processor Module page it says:


Libraries API

less.php and unpack it so that 'lessc.inc.php' is located at 'sites/all/libraries/lessphp/lessc.inc.php'.

Which means:

1) you need to download and enable the Libraires API module

2) Then you need to download Less.php <-- click here to download it

3) Open the zip file, and grab the lessc.inc.php file only

4) Next you'll need to create some folders in your web directory (create a libraries folder inside the all folder, and a lessphp folder inside the libraries folder) so it looks like this


5) Upload the lessc.inc.php file to the lessphp folder.

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