I have recently helped launch a site and there are some cross domain issues between "www.website.com" and "website.com"

I was chatting with Cloudways tech support and he mentioned that if I remove the "www" from the database for my site settings I wouldn't be having the issue.

What I ended up doing was modifying the .htaccess to redirect to "www.website.com" for now, but I still have the question: Is the "www" for the domain name in site information stored in the database? If so, would you really want to edit that?

Site info screen shot

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No its not there in database.

It depends on global $base_url variable.

How drupal define this variable is based on super global $_SERVER['HOST'] variable, which is basically depends on how the request was sent with/without www.

But you can override global $base_url in your settings.php $base_url = 'http://yoursite.com'

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