I have add banners. I want to change the banners order. I have installed the Weight module. I have also added weight in content type but it does not reflect in node.

So how can I change the order of banners?

  • Are you using them in views? – harsh_behl_0007 Sep 14 '15 at 8:42
  • yes I am use views – priyank Sep 14 '15 at 8:44
  • then sort the view with the weight option.this will solve your problem or expose that field to users so that they can sort the list according to their needs. – harsh_behl_0007 Sep 14 '15 at 8:45
  • you don't need weight module to do this. add one integer field with numeric weight on your content type and then sort the content in views based on this integer value. – shrish Sep 14 '15 at 9:23

Check out these modules :


This module adds a weight option to enabled node types. Nodes with lower weight will float to the top of lists, while heavier items will sink.


Customise the weight/order in which fields on nodes can be displayed on a per node basis and not just globally per type. Individual fields can also be hidden from display.

For any node types that are enabled, a 'Field display weights' tab will appear on nodes (for users with adequate permissions). From this page administrators can customise the order in which fields are displayed on each node by using a draggable table (or manually select weights).


The Nodequeue module allows users to collect nodes in an arbitrarily ordered list. The order in the list can be used for a any purpose, such as:

  1. A block listing teasers for the five top news stories on a site
  2. A user’s favorite music albums
  3. A group of favorite from which one is randomly displayed

Nodequeue provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to manually order any queue. Additionally, it allows nodes to be added and removed from queues without needing edit permissions to the node. Nodes can be added to queues either from a queue management tab or by links on the node teaser.

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