HI i have date field in user profile,after user has been registered based upon current date for every one week i want trigger a mail to user. example-you are one week old,two week old,like that i want to trigger a mail to user,thanks in advance.

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This can be done using the power of Rules Module and exactly Rules Scheduler which is a part of rules.

  1. Create a Rule component with the condition "User has role: Role A" and the action "Send email".

Events: After saving a new user account

Conditions: None

Actions: Schedule component evaluation

In that Action, I chose these options:

Component: the component from step 1
Scheduled evaluation date: account:created
Add offset: 7 days
User > Data Selector: account

For an in-depth tutorial on how to set this up please see this blog post on how to use Rules Scheduler to send emails

You also need to likely have your drupal cron job properly configured as well.

  • -i have followed what you send link,but mail is triggering lately i have internet that to my Cron is running successfully
    – DINE
    Sep 15 '15 at 12:57

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