I am running across some inconsistent behaviour regarding the links to the frontpage of my multilingual site. The following is happening:

mysite.com -> English frontpage, correct

mysite.com/en -> English frontpage, correct

mysite.com/en/node -> English frontpage, correct

mysite.com/de/node -> German frontpage, correct

mysite.com/de -> English content but language switcher says it's German, should display German content

Did anyone experience something similar? I have an idea why this is happening but no clue how to fix it.

I didn't find anything here. The closest one was this, but I already have a working link to the German frontpage, so it doesn't really apply to me. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5168289/multiple-frontpages-in-mutiple-languages.

Best regards, Christoph

P.S.: All my images with relative links in Blocks or Pages get the language tag set in front of them. Is this a corresponding thing or default i18n behaviour? I just hotfixed it with softlinks from en/images and de/images to images.

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What eventually worked for me:

Disable the module "admin_language"

I tried many different configurations of this module but it just kept on giving me English content on the German Frontpage. Views however displayed the correct language.

Should I report this bug to the module maintainers?

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