I'm trying to put some extra hard coded HTML into a view before the sum of the view starts.


On the homepage you see a section 'visitors'... it shows 4 recent visitors. If my client add a new visitor in the backend... This new visitor will show up a older one is disappearing...

But now my client wants to show one visitor (kermit the kicker) always on the left.

So i want to put that visitor hard coded in... First i tried to put into the home.tpl... But then it shows up out of the div around the view, and that f*** up my design. I used the classes from the view to style...

So now I want to put the HTML-code into the view self (within the divs from the view), put i don't find the solution...

Anybody? I tried some options "HEADER" in the view, but there is no space showing up where i can put the HTML-Code in...

Thanks for reading and support :-)


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In the header add the type Global: Unfiltered text and enter your HTML there.

A more Drupalish way would be

  1. Mark "Kermit the Frog" as Sticky at top of lists in it's Publishing options on it's node edit form.
  2. Alter the Sort criteria your View to have two criteria: Content: Sticky (DESC) followed by Content: Post date (DESC).
  • Thanks QueenVictoria! But solutions work... I used the drupalish way ;-) First i did not find the option 'sticky at the top' because i look for that option in the view options... but after i realised i had to opt-in that option on the content itself :-) Sep 16, 2015 at 10:15
  • Thanks Stan glad it helped. I've updated the answer to make it clearer. Sep 16, 2015 at 11:11

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