I have a book containing docs for multiple versions of software.

I want the pages of those books to be searchable and sorted per version.


I have a node override provided my panels of a certain content type.

One of those panels is a view displaying the content type that has been tagged with a taxonomy term.

How can I

  1. Create an exposed filter that provides a dropdown selection of terms, in this case, version numbers?


  1. Have the page reload the view after a new term, in this case, the version number, is selected and then submitted via a submit button?

This would preferably be done with contrib modules.


No need for contrib modules: it's all in Views.

So firstly you'll need to add a Filter criteria in your View.

  1. Add
  2. Select the term field (Topic in my case)
  3. Configure extra settings: Dropdown
  4. Configure filter criterion: Expose this filter to vistors

Secondly you'll need to enable AJAX submits.

  1. Advanced > Other > Use AJAX > Yes

enter image description here

There are a couple of contrib modules that may be useful however.

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  • How can I get this to refresh the node, which is in another panel? This is a node override page and the version select box(a list of taxonomy terms) is in the sidebar. I need it to load the proper node(tagged with a version term), which is the main part of the page, when a different version(a taxonomy term) is selected from the view filter in the sidebar. Make any sense? @Queenvictoria – winchendonsprings Sep 18 '15 at 20:08
  • You can use the "Exposed form in block: Yes" and place the block elsewhere in the Panels page. – Queenvictoria Sep 21 '15 at 0:54

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