I have a text field in a form, with autocomplete on. It works very well, but I cannot manage to find a way to highlight the letters in the suggested works. I found this hack in the autocomplete library (general, no Drupal related), but don't know if it applies or how to apply it. I would like the same effect:



Try Autocomplete Deluxe Module. May b this help you

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    Thanks a lot, it works! However, I had to do the following, hacking the code, to make it work as I wanted: 1) delete the "the @term termi will be added" because it tried to add new non-existing content. 2) hack the code of *.js so it didn't trigger when mouse down or mouse up, just when I hit some key. 3) Add t() to the not found message. What I don't understand is that such a basic feature is not incorporated into the core autocomplete.js, and also don't understand why this module Autocomplete Deluxe is abandoned. – Cesar Sep 18 '15 at 10:41

I have found this tutorial. It is a small gem in which I have found the solution to this problem and this another one.

Basically, I use the hook callback function mymodule_formName_autocomplete ($type, $text) and there I can do drupal_json_output($output_string) where $output_string, based on the string query $text accepts any HTML label, so I can highlight at convenience by just using PHP, which is very powerful.

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