I followed Drupal Commerce: Print order? solution:

Through Rules you can achieve this by creating a Rule within the Rules module:

First step create a custom rule at /admin/config/workflow/rules/reaction/add Select the React on event: "Completing the checkout process" Add a new Action: "Send mail" Once you add the email addresses from/to, than add the replacement fields in the body text of the email. I suggest: [commerce-order:order-number], [commerce-order:type], [commerce-order:commerce-line-items]. But you can figure that part out. Save your Rule.

I receive the email but I do not have a proper list of ordered products, instead I have numbers. One per article but the change on each order even if the articles are the same.

How can I have a proper order listing in the email?

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You will want to use the Commerce Message module: https://www.drupal.org/project/commerce_message

This module provides a !order-summary token which embeds an order's line item summary. This token only works, however, if the Message bundle has the message_commerce_order field.

You can either programmatically add this to a new Message bundle. Or, the easy route, clone the default admin notification and adjust as needed!

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