I have a problem with the Bibliography Module module and its filter/search functionality.

Via URL it is possible to search for specific keywords:


would search the publications for Smith, S.

If I am logged into D7 as an admin, this works perfectly. But if I change to another user or log our completely, this is not working anymore and shows me:

No items found Modify or remove your filters and try again.

I tried to change some permissions, even gave user all the permissions an admin has (just for testing). And it works just, if I enable the ultimate permission: Bypass content access control.

So obviously it is a permission issue. Any ideas, how to solve this issue?


It sounds like you've practically have solve the problem; the issue is with content display permissions. The question need to ask yourself is what access control is being restricted. Is it node type viewable permission? Is it view unpublished content permission?

If you're looking for way to troubleshoot this see How to debug permissions.

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