Hello Drupal Masters,

I have used Bootstrap template for my Drupal 7 website. When in Smartphone devices such as iPhone or Samsung phones, i tried to touch the screen using my finger to drag to resize the text field vertically (see screenshot) enter image description herelarger, so the text field could display all text simultaneously.

Whatever i do, I can't re-size the text field when using my finger. It works only with a mouse.

Does anyone know to make the field realizable in touch mode using fingers?

Thank you very much in advance for you tips & Tricks.

Regards Kim


You might need to implement a custom module that just loads a library similar to this one:


Scroll down to the resizing section and then check out the demo. You could presumably do this for your input fields.

  • Thank you very much Bryden, i appreciate your answer very much.. Sep 22 '15 at 17:05

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