I'm trying to write a module that is implemnting a block containing a pie chart. The pie chart is implemented using visualization together with highchats.

It displays the pie chart at the moment but it is to big for my site. Does anyone know how to set the overall chart size?

I downloaded visualization three days ago but I've not been able to patch the module with visualization-more_control-1809850-13.patch (see https://www.drupal.org/node/1809850) unfortunately..

Here is the option array I use in my module.

  $options_pie = array(
           'title' => t(''),
           'fields' => array(
                     'antal' => array(
                              'label' => t('Amount'),
                              'enabled' => TRUE,
           'xAxis' => array(
                    'labelField' => 'certificate',
           'data' => $data,
           'type' => 'pie',

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