I tried Dynamic background module but it seems it's not what I am looking for. Is there such a module that will allow me to change the background for a certain pages or group of pages that works the same like block?

Like in Block, I can select which pages this block will be shown.


    Show background on specific pages
         All pages except those listed
         Only the listed pages

I believe there's a module that can do this, I would be very glad if somebody can point me to the URL of the module.

Thanks in advance.


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You can do it via a class that you selectively add to the pages, then using CSS add a background. Two modules stand out:

Node Class

Node Class is a simple module that allows users to add custom CSS classes to any node through the node/add interface.


Context allows you to manage contextual conditions and reactions for different portions of your site. You can think of each context as representing a "section" of your site. For each context, you can choose the conditions that trigger this context to be active and choose different aspects of Drupal that should react to this active context.

See also:

Is it possible to add css class to the page's body tag with rules when certain conditions are met?


Context Block Classes


Check out these module :

Jq maphilight

  1. provides simple interactive graphics via HTML image maps (no flash required).
  2. easy to use: either select the 'highlight all image maps' default > setting or simply add class="jq_maphilight" to the tag of any specific image map you wish to highlight.
  3. no jquery or javascript knowledge required: plugin configuration is handled via an admin/settings screen rather than having to enter jquery code.
  4. fully configurable: options for fill, fill color, fill opacity, outline, outline color, outline opacity, outline thickness, as well as a fade effect.
  5. per image map settings: add image map specific options with an additional class.


qTips are stylish tooltips that can be configured and styled (more to come in later releases) to fit nearly any website's design.

Background Images Formatter

  1. You want to display a image on the back of a div when viewing a particular node.
  2. You want to display a random image on the back of a div on the frontpage only. This can be done using Views. Create a block, select the "Background Image" formatter for your image field, save, place the block, boom, you're done.

or you can do it by using node id or create hierarchy of css

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