I'm using drupal 7.39, but I don't know how to restrict users to access some specific content.

I have created a content type called person. Then I have created 5 nodes, like so:

  • 2 nodes tagged with manager term.
  • 2 nodes tagged with lead term.
  • 1 node tagged with worker term.

This is where I struggle:

  • the worker user must see node tagged with worker.
  • the lead user must see node tagged with lead and worker.
  • the manager user should see all nodes.

Is there any solution to get this to work (without writing custom code)? Because a configurable job is always easier.

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Seems like using the Taxonomy Access Control module is the most straight forward solution to answer your question. Some details about this module (from its project page):

Access control for user roles based on taxonomy categories (vocabulary, terms).

  • Automatically controls access to nodes (based on their taxonomy terms).
  • Configuration page for each user role.
  • Three node access permission types: View, Update, Delete.
  • Two term access types: View tag, Add tag.

Together with using this module, you should also define 3 roles, i.e.:

  • Lead, granted to any user considered as "Lead".
  • Worker, granted to any user considered as "Worker".
  • Manager, granted to any user considered as "Manager".

With those roles and permissions in place, you have everything to configure your access rules as provided by the Taxonomy Access Control module.

PS: note that this has nothing to do with content type "Person" (as in your question). Not sure why you need/use that content type, but to get the above to work you don't need that.

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