I use these modules: Drupal Commerce, Rules, Node option premium.

My question: with Rules, how attribute a new user role, when the product was bought, and when this product is a premium content ? So that, when a user bought the product, that user can have access to full content.

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Refer to the tutorial Selling Content with Drupal Commerce using Content Access and Roles for granting access to premium content to users who have a "premium" role.

Here is a summary of the steps required (= quote from that link):

  • Enable Content Access and the ACL (optional) module.
  • Create a role called "premium".
  • Create a content type called "Premium Content" and put some great content in it.
  • Verify that users can only access the premium content if they have the premium role.
  • Create a product representing the premium role.
  • Create a rule that grants the premium role on order completion:
    • After updating an order.
    • If the order state is Completed.
    • And the order contains our premium product.
    • Add a role to the user who is the owner of the order.

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