In Drupal how can I create multiple sitemaps for each content type? Suppose I have a content type basic page. I want an sitemap.xml only for this content type. Is it possible?


There's now the module to do that: XML Sitemap per node type

The XML Sitemap Per Node Type module provides the additional context for XML sitemap module that allows creating sitemaps per content type.

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The XML Sitemap doesn't support creating multiple arbitrary sitemaps (e.g. a sitemap with only content type X) . What it does support is different contexts in which it makes sense to have a isolated content sitemap (e.g. a Google News sitemap or sitemap in a different language). This needs to be supported at a module level however.

What you can do is exclude content types from inclusion (under the content type edit page on admin/structure/types/manage) in the default sitemap.

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  • Ok Shawn,That's fine.I'm agree with you.But I have created a rss feed view and filter it by content type X.It's showing visual xml data.Can I convert it into html or something make it to user friendly? – Sourabhutani Sep 24 '15 at 18:23
  • If you're using Views to generate the RSS then the answer is yes, but that's a different question that falls out of the scope of XML sitemap. DA isn't a forum, you should ask it as another question if that's what you're looking for. – Shawn Conn Sep 24 '15 at 19:33

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