Currently i have a view with the name:

name (String, 21 characters ) home_slideshow_mobile

At the same time this view content is displayed inside a block, which filename (tpl.php) should it have my template file to rewrite the content of this view?

Thanks a lot :)


You can have multiple templates for views like :


if your display is a block, you can write it like this :


then you have templates for views fields :


Templates for views format (like unformatted for example) :


If you want to alter the template of your block, you can declare a block.tpl.php like :


You can check all views template in the module views (in like sites/all/contrib/views/theme/...). You can copy the template and paste them in your theme and rename it to target your specific view.

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  • What if instead of unformatted be an html list? which would be the name? – martinezjc Sep 24 '15 at 16:36
  • It would be html-list instead of unformatted I guess. I'm glad that worked for you ;-) – pbonnefoi Sep 24 '15 at 16:45


See the suggestion for views templates.

If You calling a view block in your custom tpl.php use echo views_embed_view('view_machine_name', 'block_1'); You can find out the display name by clicking the tab and check its name in the address bar of your browser: "#views-tab-block_1" gives you "block_1'.

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In your views, you can get a theme suggestions by clicking Theme: information under Advanced settings of your view. It gives you suggestion for every field, view style etc.

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