I want to add a token in a field which is used when the simplenews module is installed and configured. There is then a block available for each newsletter. In this block the user can fill in his email and push the subsribe button.

I want to display a token in this field:

  • Block > Simplenews subscribption block > block message.

(the block title is supporting tokens, but the block message not)

How to do this?


It's likely there's no off-the-shelf solution here. The block message field is a variable in the Simplenews module. It's not possible to make variables dynamic; there's no hook to override variable values.

In order to make something like this happen, you'd have to use a combination hook_form_alter() to change the block setting form & hook_block_view_alter() to alter the output of the Simplenews block.

  • Oke, I never did this so I will try. I guess I have to make a custom module with this methods to override the current behavior. – Justme Sep 25 '15 at 9:33

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