Our client frequently need to grant arbitrary permissions to arbitrary users. It's very boring and fault-prone for our client to create new roles, assign users to roles and then set role permissions.
The module user permissions can grant permissions directly to a user, but the grantee must have the powerful permission "administer permissions", which is not what I want.

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Use the user permissions module. Contrary to your objections to using this module, it is not the grantee who needs the "administer permissions", but the grantor


Create role:

if (!user_role_load_by_name('new_role')) {
  $role = new stdClass();
  $role->name = 'new_role';

Add Permissions:

$new_role = user_role_load_by_name('new_role');
$values[] = array(
  'rid' => $new_role->rid,
  'permission' => 'create article content',
  'module' => 'modulename'
$query = db_insert('role_permission')->fields(
foreach ($values as $record) {

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