When creating content, I would like to force the checkbox "Provide a menu link" to be checked by default.

What I'm really trying to do:

  • I created a new content type
  • I used node_add to get the form associated to my content type and render it into my template.
  • In my module I used the hook_form_alter to hide some fields of my form.

But when the user submit the form and the node is created, there is no menu link created by default.


I looked everywhere for this! The Menu Force module does this:

This module enables you to make the Menu Settings required on specific content types.

After installing a "Make the Menu Settings mandatory for this content type" tick box becomes available on the settings for each content type.


I solved my problem.

To force the creation of a menu link I used the hook function hook_node_insert:

function *MODULE*_node_insert($node){
        if($node->type == '*CONTENT TYPE*'){
            $node->menu['enabled'] = true;
            $node->menu['link_title'] = $node->title;

Use hook_form_alter to set the #default_value of the Provide a menu link checkbox to true.

  • 1
    There is no "Provide a menu link" item in the "$form" object of "hook_form_alter".
    – FR6
    Dec 16 '11 at 19:10

Simple install https://www.drupal.org/project/default_menu_link and there you go.

There is a similar module called Menu Force that does just that. Whereas Menu Force mandates menu assignment, Default Menu Link merely changes the status of "Provide a Menu Link" to true. The user can still create content and choose to un-check this box. However, the default state (on node creation) will be true, and as long as you've set a default menu parent item, all content will be filed under that parent.

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