We have a job submissions webform. In the form, there is a "closing date" field with a calendar picker (yyyymmdd format). When the closing date passes, the submission should be removed from view.

  1. I created a relationship for the Submission Data: Expiry Date field so it can be used as a Filter.

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  1. Now that I have the data available as a filter, this is where I get stuck; I need the view to filter out the submission if the Expiry Date has passed. How can I do this?

enter image description here

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I just found a patch for this exact functionality. Out of the box, you are right, it acts as its a straight up text field. If you were to use entityform instead of webform, I believe you would be able to do this as it uses normal drupal fields.



*Set the operator to 'is greater than'

*Select 'An offset from the current time such as "+1 day" or "-2 hours -30 minutes"'

*Set the value as "now"

  • Hi Bianca, thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, these values are only available to "date" fields -- for whatever reason, Drupal is not detecting this field as a date field (I suspect it is because it is user-submitted data) so these options are not available to me. Sep 29, 2015 at 20:21

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