I created a module that looks up some taxonomy terms using taxonomy_get_tree() does some stuff with it and then passes it to a template file. In that template file i want to display them sorted according to some parameters.

The sorting stuff and all works fine but in the end i would just like to display the term using its standard template. But i can't get this to work, i have the entire term object and what i thought i had to do was something like:

theme('node', array('elements' => array('#view_mode' => 'teaser', '#node' => $term)));

but the array needs a lot more items then i can provide, so isn't there an easier way?

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You are passing 'node' as the $hook value, although your data is for a taxonomy term rather than a node. Trying using the hook 'taxonomy_term' instead of 'node'. I'm not sure what the proper structure for the $variables array is, but if you have the full term object, I would try just passing $term as the second parameter.

documentation for theme()

documentation for theme_taxonomy_term()

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