I'm newbie to Drupal. I'm in a process to restrict the user based on the node taxonomy term, and the user taxonomy term. For the user's I have attached a custom field of type Term Reference. I have a Taxonomy Vocabulary called Company. Inside that vocabulary I have created two terms Tata, Infos. There are totally 100 nodes, out of these 60 were belongs to Tata and the 40 belongs Infos.

Now these terms would be reflect to the user profile page as radio button. When admin select Tata for particular user, then that user might be able to see only the Tata tagged nodes and vice versa. I have tried tac_lite and content_access module before adding custom fields to user profile page, but not my requirement is getting finished. Is there any way to achieve this!!!


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You can do it by using view :

  1. add field in views

  2. add relationship of user

  3. add expose filter against term id or term name

  4. if you want show on user profile page add contextual filter against user id


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