I have two views, for taxonomy pages, one displays the products of the current term (using contextual filter "Content:has taxonomy term"), and other display the sub-categories of the term (using contextual filter "Taxonomy term: Parent term").

My problem is that I want to display product view only when I does not get any result in sub-category view.

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I would use a block, then create a tpl.php file for the block and inside it put


$view = views_get_view('view_name_of_subcategory');
        // results are now stored as an array in $view->result
$count = count( $view->result );

if ($count = 0) { print views_embed_view('view_name_of_products','block_2' } 
else { print $view->render(); }


Replace block_1 & block_2 with your actual machine name, you can find it here (see picture)

enter image description here

PS if ($count = 0) does not work try if ($count = null)

  • thanks for your suggestion of using block. It gave me an idea to make block of my product list view, and then I displayed it only on required URLs(catalog/*). And then in block's PHP I added following code: <?php $v = views_get_view_result('uc_catalog_terms', 'default', arg(1)); $result = count($v); if ($result == 0) { return TRUE; } else { return FALSE; } ?>
    – Dev
    Oct 5, 2015 at 6:32

You can use the "NO RESULTS BEHAVIOR" from views (on the right side) and choose "Global: View area" to select your view you want to display if there aren't any results.

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