I am using Superfish module to obtain drop down menus. I would like to have one parent menu link as a username and user image, then child menu links will be under it when hovered over.

Example of this is airbnb.com when logged in.

I do not know much PHP and do most of my work with CSS and already created modules.


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I found a somewhat unnecessarily complex, but working, answer.

  1. Install Menu Views module.
  2. Create a View User List Block and add a relationship User:Profile.
  3. Add a contextual filter user:uid and set Provide default value as User ID from logged in user.
  4. Add 2 fields, User: Picture and User: Name
  5. Change Access to Role and choose all roles that should see this View.
  6. Add CSS classes and style

Note: At this time a issue exists with Menu Views and requires a fix found here.

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