Webform can't show the form.

The form is showing correctly until today I just found out the form can't display.

It shows me the message "You may not submit another entry at this time."

How do I solve it?

Drupal 6

I made the changes for Total submissions limit: Unlimited, but still same problem.

After made the changes, error message below shown:

user warning: Unknown column 'total_submit_limit' in 'field list' query: UPDATE webform SET nid = 110, confirmation = '', confirmation_format = 3, redirect_url = '', status = 1, block = 0, teaser = 0, allow_draft = 0, auto_save = 0, submit_notice = 1, submit_text = '', submit_limit = -1, submit_interval = -1, total_submit_limit = 10, total_submit_interval = 3600 WHERE nid = 110 in /home/domains/site.com/public_html/includes/common.inc on line 3538.


Try to update your database with update.php (http://www.YOUR-DOMAIN.com/update.php) or with drush : drush updb The error says that your are missing one column in DB...


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