I want to capture a value from the url and display it in a piece of content, if available. In my node body I enter text like:

The sid is "[current-page:query:sid]".

If I then view that node at http://example.org/node/123?sid=foo the content shows as:

The sid is "foo".

Excellent, all working great. Here's the problem: if I visit the page without the ?sid argument in the url (just going to /node/123), then the content displays literally as:

The sid is "[current-page:query:sid]".

I would prefer the token to just be blank in that case. How can I get it to output

The sid is "".

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The reason for what you experiencing is the default behavior of token_replace() to leave tokens untouched if no replacement value was provided.

In your case, the Token Filter module would have to provide the option 'clear' => true when calling token_replace().

You may want to try to apply the patch in this issue to the token_filter module.

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