I 'm looking for help creating a registration wizard.

Currently I am using the Field Group and Multistep modules (which allows me to create some sort of wizard on the registration page).

But my problem is that the Register form (let's say "Step 1 of 4") needs to contain fields from both user_register_form and the Profile2 form.


"Step 1 of 4"

First Name -> Profile2 field

Last Name  -> Profile2 field  

Email      -> Account field

Job        -> Profile2 field      

Any ideas of how I can do this?


Try using the Multi-Step Registration module instead. It allows to create multi-step (wizard) user account registration forms. Each step of the wizard can be configured to, optionally, expose one ore more Profile2 types.

I think both the fields from Profile2 and User Register can be used in this case.

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