I have a content types Person and Projects In Project I have Node reference fields of Person. when i am adding a new project and select person who worked on that project using node reference field.

I like to create a view that contains the person who worked on a project. I want to display that view as a block beneath that project. For view the people who worked on that project.

I tried a lot of things (10 hours) to create the view. But not get proper result. Now i have a view that shows all persons, also the persons that didn't work on that project. When i add a contextual filter or/and a relationship the view is empty.

  • Why do you want to use views? You can choose how to print your references in a node view of projects.
    – Huelfe
    Oct 8, 2015 at 14:26

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If you need to create a view for this,

  1. Create a new View Block of project content type.

  2. Add your node reference field under fields and select rendered entity or label as you would want it to display.

  3. Add a contextual filter Content:Nid and provide default value - Raw value from url. Select your proper path component and check path alias (if you are using path alias).

  4. Go to structure -> blocks and move your block to your region and set the Content type - projects under visibility settings.

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