I'm using the Drupal Commerce module.

I want to make a discount rule where if there are 3 or more products of type X, you get a discount of 40% on all type X products. I don't know how I can do this without affecting type Y. Can this be done by pricing rules?

  • I could really use some help. – Daan Oct 17 '15 at 13:14

If you're willing to make "products of type X" "products with taxonomy term X" instead, you could probably get away with using Commerce Taxonomy Conditions. With it, you can create a product discount that applies 1) if an order has a certain quantity of a taxonomy and 2) if the current product has a certain taxonomy term.

If that didn't suite you, you could model the correct discount/inline conditions from that code... ripping out the taxonomy bits and replacing them with Drupal Commerce product types.


Solved it! I used pricing rules to look for the right SKU and then checked how many of these SKU's there are in the basketenter image description here


I also added a rule for <3 items.

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