I am using ctools modal window to edit some records with Form API.
How can I prevent closing window with ESC key and the default close button?


I had similar kind of a problem. I had to disable closing modal popup by pressing ESC. In my case solution was adding unbind for modalEventEscapeCloseHandler for page where I was going to get modal popup:

        jQuery(document).unbind("keydown", modalEventEscapeCloseHandler);
      ', 'inline');
  • I have checked. It's not disabling close modal popup with button - ESC – R.Rua Oct 12 '15 at 7:25

I tried like this and it works for me

$(function () {
        show: true,
        keyboard: false,
        backdrop: 'static'

If this won't work for you then try adding


Something like this:

<div class="modal hide fade" data-keyboard="false" 
role="dialog" aria-labelledby="myModalLabel" 

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