Using a view to display links to nodes sorted into categories (using grouped field on taxonomy) it's working great, however there is upwards of 20 nodes per term and I would only like to show 5 at a time. Ultimately an ajax load more on each of the terms is what I'm after, but a simple ajax pagination would work fine also.

Obviously standard pagination doesn't work for this use case as its paging all of the results where I want to add pagination to each of the terms.

I have been messing with views_limit_grouping, which could be a reasonable base to work from.

Another idea would be to create an individual views for each of the terms and insert them however with upwards of 30 terms creates a very messy views setup.

Appreciate any and all insights.

  • Did you since found some working solution to your problem? I'm really interested in a solution as well. – leymannx Nov 14 '16 at 14:43

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