Using hook_webform_component_render_alter() I am setting the default values for some components on a webform if a user has the corresponding fields in his/her profile filled out.

if($component['cid'] == 24){
    $element['#default_value'] = $myValue; 

This works for every type of webform component thus far until I used a Webform Structured Textfield.

When I add the same code to the Webform Structured Textfield It only takes one digit from the number i'm assigning it. My input mask for the field is: 9999999 allowing the user to only enter 7 digits.

For simplicity sake, I have a variable: $myValue = 1234567;

When I assign the $myValue variable to the webform component the textfield will only show the value 1 instead of the 1234567. When I assign the variable to other webform components the value 1234567 is shown.

Is there anything I am missing or doing wrong when assigning default values to a Webform Structured Textfield? And if anyone knows any other ways to modify this field programmatically that would be sufficient as well.

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