How can you create three View blocks such that (based on a particular field value or taxonomy category or just content type) the first block displays the most recently CREATED (not updated) node, the second displays the second most recently created node, and the third displays the third most recently created node?


Create the 3 views blocks with your filters and order by created. Then change the Pager to Display a specified number of items.

For 1st block update the settings (it should say displaying X items) then update the Items to display to 1 and the offset to 0.

For the 2nd block do the same but change the offset to 1 and then for the third block set the offset to 2.

Untested but on a quick check of the options, this should give you what you are after.


  • thanks, this seems workable. I'll work with it and let you know how it goes. – Sage Oct 17 '15 at 2:21

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