On my node detail page, I am hoping to show all the related nodes through a view which have the same taxonomy term(s) selected.

How can I make sure to get the related nodes on the node detail page (Note:- I don't have taxonomy term in the URL )


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To filter nodes with the same taxonomy term, when a node is displayed as main content (/node/???)

View , Display as block

2 contextual filters:

  • Content: nid -> provide default value: content id from url - more: exclude
  • Content: Has taxonomy term ID -> provide default value: taxonomy term id from url

It is important to put the contextual filters in this order, the first filter excludes the actual node from display, the exclude-checkbox is at the end under "More"

add additional filters, for example:

  • Content: your content-type
  • Content: Published (Yes)

Put the view block right below your Main page content in the Content-Region

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