I am using the following modules
1. Organic Groups

A content type called Course has been created. It has been set as an organic group. It has group members(Users who have subscribed to the course).

I have created a view which shows the list of all the groups (Nodes of type Course). In another column, I want to show the number of users who have subscribed to the group(course).

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This is how to get the OG membership ID:s to start with.

  1. Add new view. Show -> OG membership (important!)
  2. Then in some display add a contextual filter -> OG membership: Entity id.
  3. Provide default value -> Type -> User ID from logged in user.
  4. Override title: %1's groups. Specify validation criteria -> User.

Now you have the list of ID's.

  1. Next to get the actual titles of the groups (as the base table is OG membership, not node), Add a relationship -> Group Node from OG membership.
  2. Add a field -> Content: Title. Relationship -> Group node from OG membership.

Now you get the titles too. For test add some filters and sort criteria.

  • i already have the list of courses. i just want the number of members subscribed to that course. Its like : Courses Members Course1 10 Course2 7 Oct 19, 2015 at 11:11

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